Research Subjects

Development of Cosmetics and Medicines Based on Cellular Mechanism

In order to bring and maintain beautiful and healthy hair and skin, and to solve the problems of hair-loss and atopic dermatitis in particular, we are studying biological mechanisms by which hair follicle cells and cutaneous system cells are regulated (described below).  By using the knowledge obtained, we are also trying to identify and develop cosmetics and medicines from natural resources and pools of biologically active molecules.

Study on the Mechanisms of Skin Homeostasis and Hair Cycle Regulation

We have long and successful history of basic and applied research on fibroblast growth factor (FGF) family of genes and polypeptides, their receptors and the signaling mechanisms therein. We have identified FGF-dependent mechanisms for hair growth cycle regulation and skin regulation such as wound healing.

Development of a Novel Therapy for Killing Drug-Resistant Cancer Cells

In the course of cancer therapy, cancer cells autonomously acquire resistance to anticancer drugs depending on FGF13, making the therapy less effective. To solve this problem and to develop an effective therapeutic method, we aim to identify chemicals that kill the FGF13-dependent drug resistant cancer cells.

Development of a Novel Biological Medicine for the Therapy of Periodontal Disease

Many people are suffering from periodontal disease, but its cure has not been established yet.  One of the problems lies in the difficulty of regenerating periodontal membrane.  By collaborating with laboratories of dentistry, we are designing and evaluating biologically active FGF molecules that can be effectively used to cure periodontal disease.