Imamura Lab

Cell Regulation Laboratory

Welcome to Cell Regulation Laboratory.

At Cell Regulation Laboratory, our ultimate goal is to bring and maintain beautiful and healthy hair and skin by regulating cells that compose hair follicles and cutaneous system.  Those cells include, but are not limited to; tissue stem cells, keratinocytes, dermal fibroblasts, adipocytes, sebocytes, vascular endothelial cells, muscle cells, melanocytes, neurons and various immune cells.  To achieve the goal, we are studying polypeptide signaling molecules, their target cells and their mechanisms of action.  These efforts will lead us to help developing various beneficial products such as novel hair-growth medium and drugs that will relieve the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. We are also trying to develop new polypeptides/chemical drugs that are useful in regenerative medicine, dentistry, or in treating drug-resistant cancers.